Sue Lindsay – Personal Development and Relationship Coach

Improving Relationships at Home, at Work and Socially my professional and personal coaching style helps move people forward in their lives, with MASSIVE results!

However you would like to Improve your life just email me on: sue@sclcoaching.co.uk




Having successfully relocated to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates I work with my international clientele successfully on Skype, which means that where ever you are in the world…I can help you.

I am a certified Master Life Coach with a passion and expertise that transforms my clients lives.

I specialise in helping men and women with relationship issues. Whether they want to form a stronger bond with the person they are with or need help navigating through the minefield of Divorce.

My own experience of divorce, as a child, adult and parent, has left me with a mission and purpose in life to empowering individuals to coming to terms with the reality of what is happening to them and their family.

I offer a strategic process that will bring win-win resolutions, in creating a focus on the future that has a well thought out plan, for a new direction in life.

Email: sue@sclcoaching.co.uk.

“Whatever you can dream, you can begin it!” Johann Wolgang Von Goethe